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Our Mission

In 2016, DiPietro was struggling to bring her business—the one founded by her father in 1989—back from the brink of disaster after the bank pulled her credit line.

Today, she’s still here, but not without plenty of blood, sweat, and (only once, kinda) tears. She’s come to realize that the only way to truly help those in similar situations is to have been there yourself and to understand the uphill battles often posed by traditional banks.

She says that “despite the critical role of small businesses to our economy, small business owners—particularly women, minorities and other underserved populations—face significant hurdles accessing capital. Year after year, the challenges facing small businesses mount.”

This explains part of what makes Kinetic Capital different from banks and other private financers. Kinetic Capital is more efficient, more forward-thinking, and more creative. They have developed an innovative engine to bridge financing gaps in highly focused ways, like nobody else is doing—like nobody else would even think of doing. This is achieved in part by the customizable nature of the business, our pattern of credits and debits. Kinetic Capital works with (and roots for) small business owners to develop a plan as unique as each small business itself. Because as DiPietro believes, “All of us are only as strong as each of us.”

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