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"It takes but one person, one moment, one conviction, to start a ripple of change."

Kinetic Capital is in pursuit of an economy that works for all and understands that we must work toward transnational change based on cooperation, equality, social integrity, racial justice, and ecological sustainability. We firmly believe that strong, local, small business communities will help create a world where all people can afford to live in safe, healthy, and thriving communities.


Kinetic Capital takes an educational and inventive approach to small business advancement by leveraging a full suite of financial products, business services and insurance commodities. Our group purchasing plans for small business yield high cost savings on, group health insurance and the products and services that generate value.


We strategically apply various forms of capital resources to fund SBA loans; unsecured loans; portfolio loans; equipment leasing, 401(k) business financing (also known as Rollovers for Business Start-ups or ROBS), debt reduction, college saving plans, retirement planning, and insurance commodities.

We help small business owners and their employees achieve financial security and independence while planning for the unexpected and safeguarding what they have built.   

OUR VISION is to give small business owners from all backgrounds the power to become financially secure and independent social contributors who are building businesses that provide opportunity in order to grow the middle-income families population in the United States.  

OUR COMMITMENT is to focus on you and your employees' needs, goals and objectives. We strive to help all people create a sound strategy for the future by concentrating on debt reduction, investing and protecting those things you've worked so hard for. 

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KINETIC CAPITAL works to create a thriving job market in communities by supporting small business owners, entrepreneurs and their employees. We believe that people from all backgrounds deserve employment opportunities to rightfully pursue life, liberty and happiness. We act as the conduit between the community and small business; providing access to the resources that enable people of all backgrounds the chance to become financially secure and independent.

KINETIC CAPITAL believes entrepreneurs should build a business as big as their dream. Our job is to help small business owners and their employees build a platform that enables them to run their business, not be run BY it. We offer products and services from 221 of the most respected companies in the financial services and insurance industry.

KINETIC CAPITAL offers funding options for entrepreneurs at all stages of business ownership. Whether you want to start a new business, buy an existing one or expand a business you already own, we’ve got you covered. We want you and your business to be successful long-term. That’s why we offer ongoing business services to help you maintain and grow your venture long after you’ve received funding.





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