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The Kinetic Capital Membership is like the "core" for a small business. And it's COMING SOON!

Kinetic Capital was created to improve the lives of small business owners, their employees and in turn, their communities. 

These are the questions that guided our mission:​

  • What will help small businesses become more profitable?

  • What will make employment opportunities with small businesses more attractive?

  • How can small businesses get access to the right kind of capital?

  • What would make owning a small business be achievable for all with an entrepreneurial spirit?

  • How can small businesses offer a better and healthier lifestyle for those who own and work for small business?

  • What are ways that we can better protect small businesses and their employees?

  • How can small business owners find the best professional services (accounting, staffing, legal) firms to work with? 

  • How can we help small business evolve with the times (i.e. technology) while staying true to the local community nature of small business?

  • How can we incentive others to support small business? Whether that be customer base, investors or other small businesses?

  • How can we help small business owners save time on administrative work, so they can spend more time running and selling their businesses?

Kinetic Capital will be introducing a membership for small businesses that offers everything a small business needs from one central place.

Vetted Service and Product Providers in these areas:

  • Commercial financing and forecasting 

  • Professional services (specialized accountants, law firms, staffing agencies, etc.)

  • Group health, life and business insurance

  • Merchandise and inventory wholesale and buying groups

  • Marketing and print materials

  • Virtual main streets offering a convenient way to support your favorite local small businesses

  • Profit sharing programs

Offered as a Subscription

Low Monthly Payment

  • The cost of the membership will vary depending on the size of your business, gross revenue, and employee count. 

  • If you are a small business owner and believe that a Kinetic Capital membership would be right for you, let us know. Please also feel free to write us via the contact form below to offer suggestions or ask questions. 

  • If you are a business that provides products or services to other businesses and would like to be part of our partnership network, we'd love to hear from you! Please use the form below to give us your contact information.

Small Businesses in America Deserve the Benefits that Big Business Enjoys in Order to Compete on a Level Playing Field.

Kinetic Capital Offers Ten of the Most Critical Products and Services that Small Businesses Needs

We’re fortunate to work with some of the best clients around, and would love for you to become a partner. Our team includes experts from many fields who are ready to help develop and grow your business. From ideation to execution, we have vast experience throughout. Check out our client list below and get in touch with questions.









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