Crystal Geometry Cufflink

Crystal Geometry Cufflink

SKU: cufflink-3383375353

Long a necessity for the well-dressed man’s wardrobe, cufflinks are de rigueur for formal occasions and a means of expressing individuality on casual nights out. And they’re absolutely essential right now.

St. Ash cufflinks are custom made, and they feel heavy and substantial in your hand. Each set is a beautifully crafted accessory made for years of use.

Our cufflinks tell the world that you care and think about your appearance, how you're present yourself, and how you interact with your world and the people in it. We created each set to say something a little different. Which designs speak your language?

At once mathematical and intriguing, our Crystal Geometry cufflinks suggest precision and playfulness, easygoing relaxation and an acute eye for detail. Graceful, comfortable arched shaft design, with each lock etched with the St. Ash logo.




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