Silicone sleeve- Pumpkin Orange

Silicone sleeve- Pumpkin Orange

SKU: silicone-sleeve-pumpkin-orange920867172

 Product Description:

      • Double-coated outer layer 
        BPA free food-grade silicone is used to cover the outer layer, non-toxic plastic-free 100% recyclable, Featuring super cute Macaroon Color Design, non-slippery, anti-drop, allowing you to carry it easily and will not accidentally pour the content one. It also does not scratch the furniture surface. Bottle condensation never appears and will not make your hand wet, even you place it inside your bag will not make things wet and dishwasher safe.

      • Fashion Partner
        Fashion bottle design with ergonomic handle, allowing you to carry it easily both outdoors or indoors, easy to use, it is your most dazzling fashion partner. Of course, treating the Earth and your family well is the most fashionable attitude. Macaron-color silicone cover allows you to change color with your emotions.



      • Product Sizes: ø2.95 inch X 3.9 inch / 0.12 lbs
      • Material: Food grade silicone



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